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Does the oil have a foul smell?

Both of our Super Potent & Toxic Black Castor Oil has a strong smell due to the heating/roasting of the castor oil beans. However the smell does not linger and fades quickly. 

Our other brands: Rejuvenate &Therapeutic Potent Black Castor oil are enhanced with pleasant essential oils however, the scent is strong but pleasant.

Please note: There is no way around in decreasing the scent of a product that have a high potency  of ingredients. Just as medicine often times have a nasty taste, the medicine is not formulate to taste good, it is formulated to cure the sickness. The same with our Potent Black Castor oil, it is formulated to repair damage conditioned hair.

How long should I use the treatment?

This is a treatment to grow slow hair quickly. You should use the treatment for 60 days to see significant results. You can continue to use the treatment, but no longer than 90 days. Your scalp and hair follicles need a period to rest from the over process work. Take a break from the treatment for 7-10 days and start the treatment again.

This treatment is only effective if the directions are followed. If you don’t plan to follow the directions, do not expect results.

We have several testimonies from consumers who have said this product has worked for them. Many consumers reported they follow the treatment for a year and noticed results. Some consumers reported they noticed results after 15 days. Every person hair and scalp is different.  Some people grow hair quick, some people grow hair slow. Some people hair is severally damage, while others hair is moderate damage. Whatever, is the case please be patience with your hair and give it the treatment that it needs to awaken hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. Our Potent Black Castor Oil has been effective in aiding with reactivating dormant hair follicles and stimulating hair re-growth.

We would like you to know:

This is not a headline product and there is no big name behind this product.  It is an old hair scalp recipe that was used in Haiti, Africa, and Jamaican. Our oils are enriched with the quality ingredients, given our low need to market and advertise like other major suppliers.  We decided to concentrate on using ingredients that promote hair growth. 

Many of our clients have said they love our products because they know they are getting enriched ingredients that focus on hair loss. The other suppliers have excellent products as well. Our Black Castor Oil is a scalp treatment to re-grow hair, it is not to be used as a styling aid.

We hope we addressed your questions, please feel free to ask additional questions that are not posted on this listing. 

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