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Jamaican Black Castor Oil: What You Need to Know

Posted by on 5/17/2019 to Our Potent JBCO Blends
Jamaican Black Castor Oil: What You Need to Know

A Brief History of the Jamaican Black Castor Bean

The castor bean has been cultivated for centuries, dating back to over 4,000 years ago in Egypt. This bean is native to tropical/eastern Africa, but it made its way to Jamaica via the slave trade where it thrived. The conditions and climate make it a perfect place to grow.

When making authentic Jamaican Black Castor oil, organic castor beans are hand-pressed and seeds are cleaned, dried, baked, and approved through a grinder. This oil has started to become popular for its medicinal and hair care use, with many manufacturers trying to replicate their own version.

What are the Benefits of Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

Scalp Treatment for Alopecia

By working at the cellular level, Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) is able to seep into scalp’s pores and penetrate the hair’s roots. This way, it’s able to nourish and improve circulation by bringing nutrients and oxygen to the follicles. This helps treat alopecia because the scalp’s roots and hair shafts are fed nutrients fast, promoting quicker hair regrowth, collagen building, and improved circulation.

For treating scalp alopecia, we recommend Rejuvenate JBCO kit for Edges & Traction Alopeica . It contains 100% black castor oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E, sulfur, biotin, niacin, zinc, and capsicum frutescens; all of which work together to treat the scalp.

The kit comes with Scalp Treatment, Soothing Lavender Hair Wash, Deep Therapy Lavender Rinse conditioner, and Ultra Hair Formula with essential vitamins and minerals.

Prevention & Strengthen Treatment

When you wear wigs or tight hair extensions, braids, and weaves for extended periods of time, your hair is at risk for serious damage. The scalp becomes dry and hair may be lost as a result. By using JBCO, you’ll bring moisture retention back to the hair and scalp; this is because the oil closely replicates the scalp’s sebum (our skin’s natural moisturizing oil). This oil will not only help to heal and optimize elasticity in the hair strands you have, but it’ll also promote new healthy hair growth.

For treating and preventing further damage, we recommend Potent JBCO Strengthen Hair Growth Kit. This contains 100% black castor oil, bhringaraja oil, yucca oil, stevia leaf, foti oil, garlic oil, rosemary oil, vitamin E, sulfur, biotin, niacin, zinc, and capsicum frutescens; all of which work together to improve the strength of your hair.

The kit comes with your choice of 1 of 4 Potent JBCO oils including:

  • Super Potent with Garlic and Onion Oils.

  • Therapeutic with Rosemary & Peppermint Oils. For those with allergies to garlic & onion or want a more agreeable scent.

  • Rejuvenate with Lavender & Tea Tree Oils. Most popular in other countries and for those suffering from Alopecia.

  • Strengthen with Foti Oil, Yucca Root, Stevia Leaf, Bhringaraja Oil, Garlic Oil, Rosemary Oil. Popular for those with damage from hair extensions or color treated hair.

It also comes with Cleansing Cream Detangling Shampoo, Leave-in Replenishing Conditioner, Potent Black Castor Oil Scalp Treatment, and Ultra Hair Formula.

Over-Processing Scalp Treatment

If you’re suffering from breakage, hair loss, and shedding from over-processing your hair with relaxers, perms, colorants, and excessive heating, you may need to start using JBCO. By improving circulation to the scalp and removing harmful toxins, this oil can make your hairs roots strong and healthy.

For treating an over-processed scalp, we recommend Super Potent JBCO. This contains 100% black castor oil, garlic oil, onion oil, vitamin E, sulfur, biotin, niacin, zinc, and capsicum frutescens; all of which aid each other in hair regrowth.

Therapeutic Treatment

In addition to hair loss, you may also experience other scalp and hair conditions like dandruff and oiliness. You may also be looking for a hair treatment with some therapeutic qualities, giving you an aromatherapy experience when you use it.

For these cases, we recommend our Therapeutic Potent JBCO, which was created for those who are allergic to garlic and onion. This includes the same ingredients as our Super Potent JBCO, but the garlic and onion oil are replaced with rosemary and peppermint oil.

How to Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil

You can use JBCO in a variety of ways, like as a daily sealant to retain moisture, as a pre-shampoo, or as an oil rinse. However you decide to use it, you should always be massaging the oil into the scalp. By massaging your scalp, you’re promoting hair growth due better blood circulation to your hair follicles. When you massage with JBCO, you’ll also be supplying your hair follicles with the nourishment they need to promote better hair growth.

Here’s how to properly apply JBCO for maximum benefits and results:

  1. Massage the oil into the scalp, either on wet or dry hair. This should be done on a daily basis with at least one massage lasting ten minutes per week.

  2. Pay special attention to thinning or balding areas on your scalp when you massage.

  3. For an added warming effect, heat a small amount of the castor oil in a container before applying it to the scalp.

  4. To enhance the treatment process, wear a plastic conditioner cap each night after applying the oil. This helps to seal in the moisture.

  5. You should begin noticing results within 1 to 3 months, or 60 days. After 90 days, stop treatment so your scalp and hair follicles can rest.

  6. Take a break from the treatment for 7 to 10 days before starting it back up again.

Potent Black Castor Oil supplies the best and most authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil on the market. Check out our inventory to see the variety of hair care and health products we offer. We also offer wholesale orders for resellers and salons!

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