How to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss & Damage

How to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss & Damage

Your hair and scalp can be damaged for a variety of reasons, with extensive damage eventually leading to hair loss. Reasons can be anything from over-processing, damage due to weather, protective styling damage, or even disease.

Thankfully, there are several ways to heal your scalp while dealing with hair loss and damage situations; one of the best ways is by using Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO).

Learn more about hair loss and what to do about it below.

Over-Processed Hair Damage

Chemical hair treatments, whether it’s a perm, relaxer, colorant, or heat treatment, come with the risk of being over-processed and causing damage if used excessively.

When your hair is chemically treated, the protective outer layer of your hair strands is lifted to change shape or color. Eventually, this breaks down your hair’s structural integrity if it’s left in for too long.

To treat over-processed damage, cut off any damaged hair. To make your remaining hair healthy while encouraging regrowth, we recommend the using the Super Potent JBCO formula or getting the Potent JBCO “I Want My Hair Back” Hair Loss & Hair Growth System, which uses a combination of products that work together to heal your chemically-treated hair.


Protective Styling Damage

Protective styling has gotten extremely popular recently, due in part because of their protective potential for natural hair and their wide variety of appealing styles. However, if you neglect your hair while you have the style in, you can end up having dry and damaged hair, and even hair loss.

To maintain the health of your hair while using protective styling, don’t leave your style in for too tight and too long. Also, keep your scalp moisturized; a great way to do this is by using Therapeutic Potent JBCO Scalp Treatment.


Wig Damage

While wearing a wig can be great solution for some, there are risks of damage that come with it. The tightness of the wig can cut off blood flow to the scalp, hindering circulation needed for healthy hair and edge growth. Wig liners made of cotton or nylon can suffocate your hair and suck out moisture, damaging it in the process.

In order to prevent damage from wigs, remove them frequently and massage your scalp in between use. Using silk wig liners are also superior to cotton or nylon because they won’t suck out any moisture and will allow your hair to breathe. We also recommend using the Strengthening Potent JBCO formula to prevent and treat damage from wigs through moisturizing and healing.


Traction Alopecia, Damaged Edges & New Growth Protection

Traction alopecia is often a result of protective styling, extensions, wigs, or ponytails that are left in the hair for too long or are put in too tightly. Anything that pulls on the hair and causes repeated stress on the scalp can lead to traction alopecia because it damages the root, leads to scarring, and eventually can create permanent hair loss.

To prevent traction alopecia, give your natural hair frequent breaks between styles and try not to style anything too tightly. We recommend using either the Rejuvenate Oil Blend or Strengthen Potent JBCO to prevent and treat this condition, because they nourish, moisturize, heal, and promote hair growth.

Don’t neglect the edges of your hair. This is where new growth is most sensitive to damage and breakage. Hats, wave caps, headbands, ponytails, and tight hair styles rub and pull on these young hair follicles and can wear them down over time. While sometimes the length of your hair is genetic, you can usually improve new growth and length on the outer edges of your hair.

Retrieve your thinning edges and prevent future damage with the Potent JBCO I Want My Edges Back kit. It comes with everything you need for your new hair care regime.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a type of disease where hair follicles remain alive, but do not grow hair. We don’t yet know the specific cause for alopecia areata, but it is most likely due to both genetic and environmental factors.

One way to try and prevent your scalp from developing alopecia areata is by protecting any exposed skin from sun exposure or other harsh elements. Bald scalps are much more sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. To help treat this condition, we also recommend the Rejuvenate Potent JBCO with Hemp Oil to penetrate and nourish hair follicles, promoting regrowth and blood circulation.

Cold and Hot Weather Damage

Extreme hot and cold weather conditions can have a damaging effect on hair.

Cold weather can cause the hair strand’s cuticles to lift, meaning that moisture won’t stay locked into the hair shaft. This can lead to dryness, breakage, and frizz in the hair.

In cold weather, be sure to maintain a good level of moisture in your hair so it doesn’t get damaged by the dry air. Here, we recommend Potent JBCO Antiseptic Herbal Refresher Hair and Scalp Detangler Spray to moisturize and smooth dry hair.


Great for Cold Weather

Hot weather, on the other hand, has the tendency to dehydrate hair while causing the scalp to become oily. Dehydrated hair becomes frizzy and brittle, making it more susceptible to damage.

To prevent damage in hot weather, try to keep your hair covered and protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays. We recommend Therapeutic Potent JBCO with Hemp Oil for this to cut oiliness in the scalp.


Use in hot weather

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