Strengthen Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Protective Styles)

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Are protective styles your go-to? If so, our Strengthen Potent JBCO oil is your must-have companion! This powerful formula is tailor-made for individuals who rely on protective styles and are grappling with severe hair damage caused by chemical treatments or the strain of hair weaves.

Packed with the natural goodness of Rosemary, Garlic, Yukka, and JBCO, along with other vital oils, this treatment is your key to restoring, repairing, and promoting robust hair growth. It's not just about recovery; it's about preventing further damage.

The extended wear of hair extensions and chemical treatments can wreak havoc on your scalp and hair strands, leading to dryness and damage. Our oil treatment closely mimics the scalp's natural sebum, locking in vital moisture for both your hair and scalp. Witness the transformation as your hair regains its luster and strength.

Strengthen Potent JBCO oil focuses on healing while swiftly enhancing elasticity, ultimately revitalizing your hair strands. Elevate your protective style game and protect your hair's health with our specially crafted formula."

Ingredients: Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Bhringaraja oil, Yucca oil, Stevia Leaf, Foti oil, Garlic oil, Rosemary oil, Vitamin E, Sulfur, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc
Capsicum Frutescens

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Charmaine Phillip
Unable to Rate at This Time

I received my order, but, have not used the items yet. Thanks for folloe-up

Ezequiel Lopez
Greatest product ever

I have purchased these products several times to fight male balding not only does my hair come back but there luster shine that I get to my dry hair I love it and will continue using

Very thick oil

I have used it yesterday and this morning. It's very thick. It absords in the the scalp. It's not runny. I just started using it on my daughter's braids.

Alicia Jones
Best oil ever!

This product is the best oil I have ever used on my hair. I already see growth around my edges.
A. Jones