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Great products

I have only been using 2 weeks and already very encouraging results. Products smell good and feel authentic I will be back in a few weeks to upgrade stars and comments

Thanks so much for your feedback. Keep up with you healthy hair regime and you will see hair improvements!!!

Love it

I was really surprised that it doesn’t leave a long lasting smell afterwards. It also helps your minor pains

Yes, everybody is loving this freeze. Thanks so much for your feedback!

Not impressed

Texture too slimy and leaves hair with drying feeling. Will continue a few more weeks and try on wet hair to see if a better result happens

SONJA, thanks for your review. The product was formulate to offer a smooth texture and casual hold, the Seamoss, Organic Aloe base and nourishing Provitamin B5 boost are all to provide exceptional control allowing your hair to be reshaped and restyled throughout the day for a natural, glossy look. This Gelly may and may not agree with your hair, please try using the product with no other products and check the results. It should gives hair a long-lasting shine for a great, natural look. Its Enriched with some of the best ingredients giving the hair the nutrient boost it deserves.

Good product

My first time using Black Castor oil products. I realized it’s a very thick oil which I assume helps with hair growth for certain thin areas of hair.

Thanks so much for your review! We encourage ton continue with a healthy hair regimen and you will see hair improvements.

Sonia Niles


Feels great on my hair

I thought it would be too thick like the other caster oil I used before. But it is not! I think it’s too early to say I see my hair growth!

Thanks for the follow up review! Be sure to continue to apply it to the scalp, daily and be patient, give yourself- 30 to 90 days to see improvements.

Therapeutic Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Slow Growing Hair)

The best.

Will only purchase this brand to use in my formulations.

Thanks Lisa! Thanks for sticking with us ;-)

Love 💘

I love my oil products i purchased from you guys my hair is soft waiting for my thinning hair to get thicker so stay tune🙂

Regina, thanks so much for the feedback!!!

Satisfied Customer

I have very little breakage when combing
my natural hair out. Have only been using a few weeks but very satisfied.

Thanks so much for the feedback!!!

Therapeutic Potent JBCO (WHOLESALE 12 in a case)

Good product


This stuff is amazing on my spine and hips. A cooling numb feeling that relieves pain fast. I am definitely a permanent customer.

Excellent product ❤️

I love everything about this oil! I use nothing else on my hair because it works for me!!

Not Enough Time

I’ve been using it every day, I just think it’s too early to see a difference. It’s not a magic show. I will give it an additional 3 more weeks to see if I can see a difference. Thank you

Quick Ship

Too early to judge the effectiveness of the product, but can say the cost and shipping were very reasonable.

Good Product Bad Shipping

Bottles leaked on my labels

love it

great product and fast shipping

Don't want to run out

I love the products because I see improvements in moisture and reduction in shedding.

Thanks so much for the feedback!!

Super Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Chemical Damage)

A1 as always!

Been using SPJBCO for years. This is my first purchase of super potent for me and my ole lady. Gives good moisture and healthy coat for hair to repair while out in the elements. Stocking up on oils so we use as we like.

Worth It

Because I didn't want to run out of this wonderful oil that's making a difference in my hair, I reordered

Rejuvenate Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Thinning Hair)


This product is the real deal!

Heeey Les, thanks for being one of our long time customers! Thanks so much for this review ;-)


My wife order it and she likes it

Tell your wife we love her!!! Thanks for the feedback!