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Background & History 

Buyer Beware

In the US, non-African descendant, manufacturers companies have altered the brand Jamaican Black Castor Oil; these altercations may disturb or in some cases destroy the natural integrity of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. All Jamaican Black Castor Oil are not equally effective. BDI Enterprise, LLC is an African Decedent manufacturing company who is approved to export JBCO by the Jamaican Government. 

To keep the integrity of the brand: Jamaican Black Castor Oil, we do not import or use any Castor Oil Beans/Seeds outside of Jamaica. We remain  rooted to our connections and ties in Jamaica. While, we are a supplier to many outside countries: India, UK, Africa, etc, the way we process our oil begins and starts in Jamaica.

What set BDI Enterprise, apart from other non-African descendant manufacturers of JBCO is our unique process. The Castor Oil Seeds that are use to process our Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil begins in St. Thomas, Jamaica.  This oil is pressed from organic castor bean which is grown and produced on a farm out in St. Thomas, Jamaica. The oil is hand-pressed in the traditional way without the use of chemicals and processed manually. Instead of weltering, the seeds are cleaned, dried, baked and then approved through a grinder.


Difference between Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Refined Castor Oil


The main difference between Jamaican black castor oil and regular or refined castor oil is the way the oil is processed. Extraction of oil from castor seeds is done in a manner similar to that for most other oil seeds. Jamaican Black castor oil is produced the “old fashioned way” (unrefined). The organic seeds are roasted and grounded in a manual fashion and are boiled to extract the 100% pure and dark oil. The longer the beans are roasted, the more ash content is produced

"Jamaican" "Haitians" "African" Black Castor Oils are the same. 

Please note: Jamaicans" "Haitians" and "Africans" Black Castor Oils are their "Brand" and are processed the same.   Each culture has their own "Branding" label for their marketing purposes.  

To ensure that you are getting 100% Jamaican, Haitian or African Black Castor Oils, contact the manufacturer, if Castor Seeds are not deprived/imported from the “Mother Land”, more than likely they are not 100% natural or original.

Our "Potent" Jamaican  Black Castor Oils are processed the same, however enriched with additional ingredients to address hair loss conditions.  


Super Potent:100% Black Castor oil, Garlic and Onion oils; Vitamin E, Sulfur, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, Capsicum Frutescens

Rejuvenate Potent 100% Black Castor oil, Lavender and Tea Tree oils; Vitamin E, Sulfur, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, Capsicum Frutescens

Therapeutic Potent:100% Black Castor oil, Rosemary and Peppermint oils; Vitamin E, Sulfur, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, Capsicum Frutescen

This is our "Brand" and what separate us from the "Traditional" Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Our Standard Virgin/Raw/Uncut Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, processed as the traditional Jamaican Black Castor Oil 


To build the reputation BDI Enterprises, LLC has achieved in the oil industry since 1998, it is without question that quality and safety are essential elements to our business. 

If you require SDS (Safety Data Sheets) / MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), Product Quality or Certificate of Analysis please contact us at 888-507-1577.

These documents are only made available to our manufacturing clients who purchase over five 5 gallons JBCO.

 If you have any questions, please contact us.