Which Oil To Use?

Super Potent:  is very popular because most people experience hair loss or severely damaged hair. Super Potent Black Castor Oil can be used if you are suffering from breakage and shedding. This oil contain Garlic and Onion oils, which are known to improved blood circulation to the scalp, removes harmful toxins from the scalp surface, and make the hair roots strong. If you are experiencing breakage and shedding we recommend SUPER POTENT for chemical treated hair. (Maximum Damage Control)

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Rejuvenate Potent s very popular in other countries and for people who suffer from Alopecia. This oil works deeper at cellular level, seeping into the pores to the hair roots. It nourishes and improves blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. The roots and hair shafts fed faster thus improving overall hair conditions  If you are experiencing  Thinning hair, we recommend REJUVENATE. (Severe Damage) 


Therapeutic Potent is used to slow down hair loss and improve the hair and scalp condition, as well get rid of dandruff, cut oiliness and stimulate the scalp. If your hair need minor improvements, but want to speed up hair growth we recommend THERAPEUTIC. (Moderate Damage Control)


Strengthen Potent - Prevent further damage with this Strengthen Black Castor Oil, as it is popular among individuals who suffered from hair extensions damage. This oil will strengthen and thicken hair shaft that is cause by wigs, weaves, hair extension. If hair extensions are not installed or removed properly it can cause extreme damage to the hair shaft. It is a well known fact that hair extensions can do damage to your natural hair. The glue that is attached to your natural hair can burn and split the ends of your hair. Also, if a lot of long or heavy extensions are added, this applies additional pressure to your scalp. One of the dangers of extra pressure to your scalp can be a thinning of your natural hair.  

We highly recommend using this oil when wearing wigs, weaves, braids, etc.  Among other hair loss situations - hair extension damage is on the rise and has caused major damage to hair strands. This oil will improve in all areas of the underlying damage that resulted in the extreme damage. Highly recommend for individuals who are life long wearer of weaves, braid extensions, fusion weaving, wigs, and chemical treated hair.  This oil is can be use while wearing extensions to prevent hair thinning/damage and can be use as a treatment after the extensions are remove to improve hair condition. Use on the scalp daily and apply to the hair every other day. (Extreme Damage Control)