Fact Sheet: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

•Based on the history of JBCO, if the bean is not roasted and oil boiled it is not JBCO.
•JBCO should be golden brown to dark brown in colour.
•The darker the oil the stronger or sometimes offensive the odour becomes.
•If the oil is dark and the odour is low it may have been artificially coloured.
•Read the ingredients to ensure you are only getting castor oil.
•Know your supplier and ask the origin of the castor oil.
•Minerals levels are increase from toasting the raw material. It more alkaline than regularcastor oil in which increase blood flow to scalp, which contributed to hair growth.
•If your JBCO is relatively cheap, probably it is not JBCO, as the process of making JBCO is an expensive and time-consuming process.
•Castor seeds are first roasted and the oil is extracted from the oil. The oil is richer in properties as it contains some amount of ash from the roasted beans. It has been stated the more ash you use, the more effective the oil.

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