Source Wholesale for Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Source Wholesale for Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Here at Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil, we sell a variety of products made from Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). We prepare our oils with our own unique recipe using all-natural ingredients, which results in high-quality products that separate us from our competitors.

However, we do not just provide these items to online shoppers. Our company has its very own wholesaling program, through which we offer our items and the JBCO ingredient itself to any business that wants them. If you run a business that specializes in personal care and beauty, read on for more information about our Wholesale Potent JBCO program.

By the Bottle or Case (4 oz. or 8 oz.)

Our company has all kinds of oil types for sale, from pure and raw JBCO to JBCO mixed with hempseed oil and others. Our Potent JBCO line includes products named “Therapeutic,” “Strengthen,” “Rejuvenate,” and even “Super Potent Hemp-Infused.” These oils come in their own bottles, and we also offer shampoos and conditioners made that use them as a prime ingredient.

If you are interested in offering these products in your own store, you can buy them the same way our consumers do: by the bottle, or by the case. The bottles come two sizes: 4 oz. and 8 oz. Although you can purchase them with labels bearing the Potent Black Castor Oil name, you could also get them without the label if you prefer.


1 Gallon

Maybe you want JBCO for something other than personal use, or resale for personal use. Maybe you want to incorporate it as an ingredient in your own beauty and cosmetics products. JBCO, especially the way we prepare it, has remarkable medicinal properties that can greatly improve a wide variety of health and beauty products.

In that case, getting ounces of JBCO would not suffice your needs. In addition to our cases of bottles, Potent Black Castor Oil can supply individual gallons at wholesale prices. That way, you can get much more oil, for your own use in your business, at a much lower price per ounce. 


5 Gallon

Single-gallon jugs of JBCO is great for smaller businesses. However, if your operation is large enough and your sales are high enough, you may need more materials for your products. That is why we offer containers that hold five gallons. Their price is substantially lower than the price of five one-gallon containers, showing we scale our bulk pricing to all kinds of businesses.


1 Drum

As substantial as five-gallon containers can be for businesses of a certain size, it might still not be enough for those that need to make and move a significant amount of product. If your monthly sales regularly stretch into the thousands, you can skip the bottles and gallon jugs entirely and purchase JBCO by the drum.

Each drum holds 55 gallons of our various oils, and each one comes at a major discount to buying the same amount of gallons in other sizes. Our periodic markdowns can drive our bulk prices even lower.

We have one more little detail to share: we price-match. If you find lower costs from local retailers (including online prices) and qualifying online retailers, we will match it for our products on your shopping cart.

This and every other feature of our Wholesale Potent JBCO program are all part of our company’s goals. At Potent Black Castor Oil, we want nothing more than to provide our businesses with the ingredients they need, and to share the remarkable health benefits of our organic oils with more people.

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