Keep Your Healthy During This Season

Keep Your Healthy During This Season

Winter and fall are two most beautiful and beloved seasons of the year. They bring out so much beauty in nature. We get to see what it’s like for nature to be reborn during fall / autumn. We get to experience what it’s like feel the cool breeze in winter. There’s so much beauty to the world that we don’t know of up until we see it ourselves.

However, these amazing seasons also come with a great deal of humidity. The humidity caused by the nature effects our pretty hairs. Our hairs become frizzy and lose their moisture. There’s nothing we can do about the weather and the humidity, although what we can do is look into the ways to take care of our hair and scalp. What’s better than a natural prevention? Nothing!

POTENT JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL! Here, we have different options for your different hair types.

  • Rejuvenate potent Jamaican black castor oil (for thin hair) 
  • Super potent Jamaican black castor oil (for chemically damaged hair)
  • Therapeutic potent Jamaican black castor oil (for slow hair growth)
  • Strengthen potent Jamaican black castor oil (for hair in protective styles)
  • Rejuvenate potent Jamaican black castor oil :

This oil has contents like tea tree oils, lavender, zinc, Sulphur, vitamin E, biotin and niacin. These ingredients are best used for thin hair to thicken them and leave you with the feeling of having the best hair you’ve ever had.

  • Super potent Jamaican black castor oil :

The main ingredients of this oil are Jamaican black castor oil, garlic oil, onion oil, tea tree oils, Sulphur, zinc and vitamin E. Massage your scalp with this oil to improve blood circulation in your head. Improved circulation helps maintain healthy hair. The main focus of this oil is to reduce the risk of side effects, caused by harmful chemicals.

  • Therapeutic potent Jamaican black castor oil : 

This unique oil is produced to speed up your hair growth. It has our standard Jamaican black castor oil. It also includes rosemary oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, biotin, Sulphur and vitamin E. These above mentioned ingredients are responsible for a speedy recovery of hair, along with improving your blood circulation and promoting hair growth.

  • Strengthen potent Jamaican black castor oil :

The chemical products we use in our daily lives are uncountable. We come into the contact of various types of chemicals wherever we go, which effects our health and our scalp. All those chemicals, including extensions, are undoubtedly weaken our hair, making them vulnerable to any stylings. But, worry not! We have got your back! This oil is unbeatable to any of the chemicals out there. Rebound, cut, trim, color! Do what you want to do with it, just don’t worry about the hair fall / hair damage.

Talk about the humidity of fall and winter, don’t sweat on it either. Pick any of these oils, massage your hair to the roots, and you will be good to take your fun to the next level.


Never wash your hair with water that’s too hot or too cold. The ideal temperature should be about 40 °C. More or less 38°C to 44°C. This way, you can stop damaging your hair any further.

To smoothen your hair, wrap your hair up with a cotton tee shirt, or the softer side of your towel. 

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